Foreigner’s briefing, Provlimatismoi Issue 10.07.2002

Foreigners’ briefing

1.Cyprus and NATO

By Vice Admiral ret. Gr. Demestichas, Honorary Commander of the Greek Fleet. Page 4.

For many years it was believed that the only method to solve the Cyprus question was to follow the UN resolutions, that were considered to constitute a no doubt moral way out.

Yet the incorporation of Cyprus as a whole in the E.U. was thought to be a workable solution for both the communities of the island.

Turkey bound Cyprus incorporation together with her own in the EU so to achieve certain objectives. Time passes dramatically with no hope for any solution that seem to be applicable.

The first is the military intervention, that once it is successful it provides the definite solution to the problem.

The second examines the incorporation of Cyprus into NATO structures. In this case, both sides would agree gladly on this for they will be put with all the advantages provided.

We’ve proposed this option in an article on Sep 1998. Today we are informed that such a proposal comes from the side of the Western Policy Center of the USA one year after we made Known our point of view to a member of this Institute that keeps a loose connection with us.

2. The EU from the point of Defensive dimensions

by Lt. Gen. Ret. G. Korakis, page 6

The fully praised common foreign policy and defense policy of the European Union after some events mainly in the Middle East proved to be out of any practical fit.

The principal pursuits of the EU do not seem to expand beyond the economic fields so far. NATO still provides any meaning for security all around, thing that eliminates any intention for a serious strengthening of the European countries on the very subject of the defense. We are at the stage of a rather academic concern than a practical application that comes out of a true need.

The role of Russia must be taken as a principal element in the European security structure.

For Greece, we have to accept that security means an exclusive affair that has to be based on our own moral and military potential.

3. Hot Turkish-Greek episode

by Major Gen. Ret. D. Kanteres page 10

In a tensed environment between Turkey and Greece some people estimate, that after a chain violations of rules that keep the two countries out of any military engagement, a hot episode could happen resulting to losses.

A hot episode is nothing else but hostilities that could bring a larger scale military operations that cause extensive negative effects to both opponents.

The preparedness of Greece to face such an episode must be taken as a non other way but a victorious war against Turkey.

4. The Rights of War and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

by Big. Gen. Ret. G. Vassiliou, page 12

The conflict in the M. East provides the opportunity for a political consideration for international justice and the respect of the Rights of War.

5. The Kissinger plan ant the today situation in East Mediterranean

by G.Apostolopoulos lawyer, candidate prof. Athens University, page 13

It was thirty years ago that a plan for a creation of the United States of the Eastern Mediterranean was first formulated by H. Kissinger, head of State Department. This plan schedules the breaking of small States into smaller ones, so to be easier controlled by the superpowers (i.e. USA).

6. Russia: 10 years after. Approaching the West.

By Brig. Gen. Ret. J. Parisis page 14

Russia is useful for the interests of the West in the Heartland of Asia. The NATO-Russia coming near is given, for it is needed for both sides to be institutionally structured. Strengthening Russia is a useful matter for the west. Friendly and strong Russia constitutes a factor for stability and security in the wider region as well as a reliable controller to confine any pursuits coming from China and India.

7. Europe and the control of the regional crises.

By Professor P. Gavathas, Special scientist for Security and Defense page 18

In the frame of the Common Foreign Policy and Defense Policy of the EU it is under formation a special Force that is built in an Army-Gendarmerie scheme-function-mission.

8. Political interventions in promoting Army Officers

by Lt. Gen. Ret. M. Aronis page 20.

9. Kidnappings-hostages and ransom claims

by Major Gen. Ret. Police p. Laggaris page 22.


by D. Manikas page 24

11. Weathervane

by Major Gen. D. Krystallis page 27

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