From Delphi to Marioupolis and to Ecumene

From Delphi to Marioupolis and to Ecumene

From Delphi to Marioupolis and to Ecumene 

Alex Mallias


Allow me to express my eucharisties to the Archons of the Delphi Economic logos and praxis Symposium for including me in this enthusiastic and panegyric agora. A plethora of gnome, sophia and logic are gathered; they energize the Delphic geocentre as the omphalos of gnosis.

This proscenium of epistemic gnosis and political thesis is the epitome of the ecumenical academia and of the orthodoxy of skepsis and logos.There is no antithesis or antinomy between diplomatic praxis and academic diatribe.I have the epignosis that my legomena,though not a catechesis, may not generate your eulogies .

The Hellenic lexicon may provide the exegesis and the pragmatic diagnosis of the anatomy -indeed the autopsy- of today’s ecumenical ataxia. They fully characterize the symptoms of asthenia,asphyxia and astaticism of our cosmos;of our economic,political and security systems.

The ecumenical political pathos and crises immunization system is elliptic.The Pentamerous New York based Pan-Ethnic Organization’s Security Council ,the supposed stylobates of the ecumenical harmony and systemically organized nomos,cannot cope with present crises and problems. Russia’s policies are the exegesis of the paralysis.

Τhe “Pentarchy’s’ polemics and antagonistic politics and the catachresis of the veto power –as Russia does in the case of Ukraine-is at the basis of the asthenia symptoms of the U.N. Charter based ,multi-polar System.

2. Tragedy,catastrophe
In Marioupolis,in Bucha in Ukraine, anthropotragedy and catastrophe prevail .These lexis epitomize the diagnosis of political paranoia, anachronistic polemics and pathetic policies.They are episodes of despotic apophasis and praxis of autocrats.They are the antidrome to democracy and to polymerous synergies.

The absence of anthropocentric policies, the recourse to polemos and the aposiopesis of genocidal and ethnic catharsis practices and stratocratic praxis will never be the canon.They are the apostates; the apophysis of the ecumenical nomology and organized poltical system.The anti-systemic architects and protagonists of this political ataxia opted for apophasis and praxis that provoke political,economic and ethical epidemic sepsis .

Traumatic chaos and anthropodrama will never become the antidote to political ethos and to the nomology of our democratic architecture.

Yet, the ecumenically organized political system failed to save the psyche of anthropos, his oikos and the catastrophe of his polis.Marioupolis is synonymous to tragedy. This is not based on any ethical Charter or political nomology.It results from autocratic political fanaticism and is about expanding the spheres of energy, economics, geopolitics and the dieresis or dichotomy of edaphic zones. It is oxymoron; Yet, the apotheosis of this anomaly does not generate the exodus of their protagonists.They live in ataraxia.

The dramatic anthopoexodus caused by their apophasis is a pathetic catachresis. Hubris and nemesis are present in the synthesis of Ukraine’s tragic rhapsody. The catharsis will follow. No apopemptic logos shall be addressed to autocrats.

3. Strategy, Synergy
We need a kinesis of political symphony and apophasis; a holistic strategy to be cemented on a panethnic economic and political synergies program.

This Delphi Economic Agora and the prototype of Amphictyonies may become the dynamic catalyst and the mechanism for the anabaptism of the stroma of our synergies in analogy with the dramas and the catastrophe.

Now is the chronos for the antistrophe of the chorus of priorities. This strategy asks for European synergies. Synergies imply that our synchronized praxis have a greater total effect than the athresis of their autonomous effects.

4. Mega and meta policies
«Meta» is the dogma we now use to analyze economic and political episodes affecting “polis” and “ecumene”. «Meta» is the algorithm to solve modern problems and mysteries.It is the basic element for their analysis.

The ecumenical as well as the polis practices and policies need to think and act in mega terms if we want to avert mega tragedies.Harmony per se will not fix mechanically the ecumenical chaos. Restoring the politics and economics of «metron» with anthropocentric policies as their basis is the absolute necessity.
I expect that politics and politicians,at “oikos-system”, “polis-system ” and “ecumene” will put “politis” at the centre of politics. Politics are synonymous to idiocy if they just serve the interests of politicians.

5. Symmetry
If symmetry is not restored at “oikos” and “polis”, the anastrophe of the ecumenical system will remain an exercise in futility. The «olon» is the synthesis of the individual atoms.The same thesis stands the other way around. When the “olon” degenerates the atoms are dispersed in ataxia. This is a characteristic hysteresis of our cosmos.

I epilogize by emphasizing that: restoring symmetry, political geometry and ethical harmony as the theme of the anthropocentric ecumenical system is the proklesis of the meta epoch.

Archons of politics, economics,skepsis and episteme,I am eugnomon for granting me the pronomion to synergize with the Delphi Economic Symposium.