The Sultan, as Iketis (petitioner) in the Tsars Palace, in Moscow

The Sultan  went  to Moscow this time, not as an equal and major ally, but as a beggar (Iketis), asking for Putin’s help in dealing with the most difficult situation, which the Turkish army has ever faced, after dozens of dead and wounded soldiers,  a painful situation that should be justified to the Turkish people in every way. There, in Moscow, the frosty and excellent tactician in geostrategic and   geopolitical games Vladimir Putin, along with the fox of international diplomacy Sergei Lavrof, in a six (6) hour meeting,  imposed his terms on “ally” Erdogan, who in fact not only canceled his new ambitions in the Syrian province of Idlib, as well as his apparent or even in future  geostrategic pursuits in the region.

The Sultan, as Iketis in PDF

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