The Hellenic Institute for Strategic Studies (HEL.I.S.S.) is a nonprofit organization that is situated in Athens. It is a continuation of the previous form, known as the Hellenic Company for Strategic Studies, which was founded in October of the year 1994. That Company had come into being by a number of flag/General retired Officers coming from the Hellenic Armed Forces and it had been aggrandized after the participation of personalities coming from the Academic and Diplomatic communities as well as from the business sector, Journalism and other individuals specialized on International Affairs. The transition to the new form, from a Company to an Institute did not cause any change to the general constitution and the formulation of the participants. The Institute does not voice any political party or any state or private organization. That is why the Institute is known for its free expression. The Institute goes on looking forward to enlarge all the issues of interest. That is, from the constituting personnel to multiple usefulness activities. Aim of the Institute is to be employed with questions that bring up issues of strategic importance in a geopolitical-geostrategic environment. More particularly: – To form a view over: a. the Hellenic National Strategy, b. foreign policy, c. security and defense d. technology e. energy – To see thoroughly the European Union as a viable entity that is heading to a promising future. That is, The present status and what it is foreseen for tomorrow. The policy, over any challenges temporary. Exploiting whatever opportunities appear from the sector of modern science and advanced technology. Secure the European community. This will be achieved by defending against any conventional or asymmetric threats. -To study, research and analyze issues of military strategy significance, of economic aspect, of the human actions that impact negatively against nature and further subjects con-cerning problems rising in the Hellenic sovereignty, the wider Balkan peninsula, the existing territorial extent of the Eu-ropean Union, its estimated or foreseen enlargement of tomor-row, the general area of the Mediterranean (nowadays the East Mediterranean specifically) and the Black Seas and/or any other area that may be deemed as necessary. -To examine Security issues of the above regions. -To hand in proposals to either government bodies or privates, that are based on studies-analyses on all those above men-tioned. Objectives are achieved by: -Carrying out research -Presenting issues and their analyses in the form of lectures, one or more day’s seminars, press releases, publishing special notes or bulletins and journals and organizing presentations at home and abroad. -Cooperation with government bodies, organizations and other respective domestic or foreign foundations/institutions in order to analyze matters of common interest and exchange information on all relative fields. The Institute continues the practice of the predecessor Company that used to carry out studies for the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Defense. Also the Institute has the capacity to organize congresses under the auspices of all the Ministries without any exception on every pointed out subject apt to executive interest. Furthermore it can carry out studies and conferences concerning issues of National interest and Defense programs. There have been renowned the Special International congresses for Defense programs of the Hellenic Armed Forces and strategic evaluations on the European future defense and eventualities that took place in 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009. Unfortunately after the appearance of the economic crisis, the Institute was affected as well. This crisis caused a non pleasant impact on the international activities of the Institute. Institute’s Organization. The Institute is formed by the Board of Directors and its Members. Members are Greek physical persons that comply with the terms of the Institute’s constitutional charter. The number of Members can be unlimited. Someone to be approved as a new Member first is needed to be recommended by at least two older Members of the Institute. Officers of the Hellenic Armed Forces and Security Bodies, following their Services commitments, can be approved through an easier procedure. The annual money contribution of the Members is fixed from the Board of Directors. The amount of money can be reconsidered by the General Assembly. The Members can follow the meetings of the Board of Directors. They also may express their opinion when time is available. The Members unexceptionally get an -in time- notification for every coming activity of the Institute, in order to attend it. The volunteering Members after the approval of the Board of Directors can participate to under composition work com-mit-tees so to help the Institute to perform correctly after their expertness assistance. The Members receive the Institute’s magazine for free as well as they can be counted as writers in it. They also can present their point of view in the pages of the website of the Institute. The Members have not any right on the money in deposit of the Institute. They can get an amount of money in case of income that is provided after performances that claim expenses. The Board of Directors can reconsider the status of a Member if the certain Member undermines the objectives of the Insti-tute, or reflects negatively in the decisions of the BOD, resulting against the principles of the Institute. HEL.I.S.S. Issues the quarterly magazine “Problimatismoi” (Questionings). The topics of the magazine are focused in timely matters concerning regional or wider security, defense, international affairs, conflicts around the world and the impact in Greece alone or in the frame of the EU. This magazine can be considered as a source of knowledge, on what is going on globally followed by a number of relative evaluations. You can also get a taste of the Institute and its profile by visiting the website address:

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