*The limitation clearance of the Military expenditure in Greece. by G. Zompanakis, page 3

The purpose of this work is to define whether military expenditure in Greece and Cyprus can be sustainable after the application of the uniform defense region doctrine. The race on armaments in which Greece and Cyprus are involved against Turkey inflict uncontrollable burden to the economies of the two allied states. A fair course on armaments could be the consequent accomplishing of the armaments program .

*The utilization of the retired Officers. by professor R. Fakiolas, page 7

The qualifications of the Officers, as well as their early age of retirement are issues to be examined by the state, so to exploit all the advantages of this particular class of society for advanced productivity and ensured development in our modern times.

*Aegean sea or the believers of mother country never betray her. by Commodore ret. A.Kakaras, page 10

The issues concerning the status of the Aegean sea, do not “slide” as it is usually said (even for Cyprus) towards a situation for us unfavorable. They are consciously driven with a certain and firm policy by the today and the previous governments. This policy is dangerous and far from patriotic. Greek people need to be alerted, so to express their will the right moment.

*B’ International Congress “Strategy 2001”. General conclusions by L.Gen. ret. Christos Moustakis, page 12

The international environment goes through and develops apace, dynamically and out of any ponders within risks that could be converted into threats, especially after the September 11 attack. Our country faces manifold hard to discern and transforming threats that can present directly or indirectly but surely existing. Yet the main threat comes from Turkey.

*Military. Is it a scientifically proven profession or not? by Air Marshal ret. S. Skliris, page 14

In the individual system of values, the group demands and the social concept almost never coexist in full harmony. This is what influences the military professionalism.

*Greek Police and how it is coping with the Greek society and state. by M. Gen. Police ret. Panayiotis Laggaris, page 18

The Police, in order to accomplish its mission, needs the cooperation of the civilians. The struggle against crime is not only an issue, that has to be carried out by only the Police. The whole of society must work to create the conditions for a safer environment, where development is the aim to be achieved.

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