Foreigner’s Briefing, Provlimatismoi Issue 12.11.2002


  “Euro Army”, Evolution-Perspectives

By Lt. Gen. Ret. George Korakis, page 4

                There is still a question remaining about the materialization of the Euro Army. Our country opposes what had been agreed between Turkey, USA and UK, for it is against what is meant to be an internal matter of interest exclusively in the frame of EU members. At the Nice summit last year the European leaders admitted the fact that the principle role for the European defense has to be in the part of NATO, mostly because they recognized the existence of an economical burden otherwise. They agreed that the Euro Army will intervene in peripheral crises and in case USA, through NATO, are not intending to do so. Also the Euro Army will carry out missions of search and rescue (SAR), humanitarian and maintaining peace. Furthermore they consider replacing the UN troops in Skopje and Bosnia. In this force will contribute all EU members except Denmark. The first ever war that has been waged by NATO in Yugoslavia revealed the prevailing mechanism that functions under the USA. This war started the era of discord between USA and Europe.

                The European Union moves in between the challenges of the American hegemonies, the inter-European opposition and the globalization which results to the fact that the defense emancipation of Europe to present all the side effects in the attempt to make the Euro Army. What is left for Hellas is to succeed her target that is security (survival, sovereignty, and independence) in an anarchist political arena, where arms rule in the cost of justice and morals.

                Policy of Civilizations

By Maj. Gen. Ret. A. Diamantopoulos, Dr. of Philosophy, page 6

                The power of USA is shown by all means (economic, military, technical and political) throughout the globe which is ideologically backed by the philosophy of utilitarianism and strength. Their own pursue is the integration and the imposing of their power onto the whole world by preventing the developing of likely antagonists or the opponents to their policy which misleadingly can be translated as terrorism. Europe is in the stage of realizing the happenings and so tries to find ways of weaning and get free from the protection of the USA.

                Unfortunately the weapon of the weak is his unorthodox and surprise response against the strong which in other words is named terrorism.

                All these differences between the strong and the weak have also knocked the door of religions, that find the opportunity to bring to the point matters that did not exist before or they did in minor scale.

                Hellas, because of her strategic position can play the role of a mediator between the eastern and the western civilizations.

The globalization has to find a better and fair way of expressing itself for the sake of humanity.

                The powerful states have to work under wise and moral rules aiming to a better world.


The Catastrophe of Asia Minor-Fatal faults

By General Ret. D. Skarvelis, Academician-Honorary Chief of HAFGS, page 9

The event that marked the Hellenic History in all its gravity and the one that has turned the tide of the Hellenic Nation.


The Enlargement of the European Union, Problems-Perspectives

By Maj. Gen. Ret. Chr. Papadogeorgopoulos, page 14

The enlargement of the EU brings optimistic perspectives, because of the larger territory and population, but at the same time it gives the sense of great expectations from the side of the candidate countries.


Islamic Fundamentalists Terrorism

By Maj. Gen. Ret. (police) P. Laggaris page 16


After the latest terrorist action in Indonesia it is expected that this series of events will continue into the western world. The permanent threat of terror is going to last long. No evaluation shows a viable solution in the present stage. The west should study better the reasons of the misery that has been grown into the former communist countries and the third world ones since the fall of the East Pact.



By Maj. Gen. Ret. D. Krystallis, page 20
            Comments on events.

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