The Seven Plagues of Europe
Europe – Russia Relationship Amid Tectonic Geopolitical Changes in the Region
Europe – Great Britain
Turkey and Energy Security

After one year of absence, the Energy and Geopolitics Committee of IENE is publishing the latest issue of its “Geopolitics Bulletin”, focusing on the geopolitical effects of Brexit for the UK, as well as for the EU and the world in general, but also in connection with the relations of the European Union, the US and Russia respectively.
Further analyses on other sectoral subjects are also included. On the occasion of publishing this new issue, the Energy and Geopolitics Committee wishes to thank all the recipients of its newsletter for their participation and support and promises to enrich its work with several new activities, such as conferences, seminars, discussion groups, working papers etc., in its effort to broaden its terms of reference. The scope of the Committee remains the study of geopolitical tendencies in relation to latest developments in the energy field at both global and regional level.
Following recent changes in the structure of IENE’s Scientific Committees and in compliance with the latest decisions of the BoD concerning the more efficient operation of the Institute’s bodies, Mr. Christos Dimas, an IENE partner, has been appointed as the new chairman of the Energy & Geopolitics Committee.
IENE wishes to acknowledge with thanks the work carried out during the previous period under the direction of Dr. Dimitrios-Vassilios Kokkinos, since appointed as honorary chairman of the Committee.

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